Arigato and Until Next Time, Japan

Japan is lovely, Japan is fine, I even like the sake wine.

No, it's not a haiku, but who cares? It rhymes, and it's a simple, if not poignant, expression of thanks for my wonderful visit.

Cherry blossoms, Takayama's beautiful spring festival, Japanese karaoke!

The magic of Kyoto's Niko castle lit at night

The temples, and tranquility of Koyasan

100 yen shops where I found (and did not buy) a plastic screen cover for my ipad (only 1 dollar

Manicured park in Nara

The 711s that are everywhere, and have healthy fresh snack and meals, for cheap

The excellent train system

Beautiful aesthetic and designs

Shimmering sesame tofu

Where Harry Potter buys his chopsticks

Polite and incredibly helpful Japanese people

Clean! Everything is so clean! No need to worry about things like bedbugs. In the words of my tour guide friend Charles, “The whole country is like a hospital.”

Where Harry Potter buys his paintbrushes

The heated toilet seats

So much to treasure

I heart Japan






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