Tokyo – the Populous Metropolis

View from the New York Bar

Tokyo is the world's most populous metropolis, which is a fun thing to say. The city itself is around 13 million, with a metropolitan area of 35 million. Despite the crowded trains I didn't feel the full impact of the urban vastness until I went to the Lost in Translation bar, on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku. It is just like the movie, except filled with tourists, like most other attractions in Japan. The views out the window are stunning – seeing giant towers and an endless array of lights immediately gave me a sense of perspective, and crushed New York in the sheer enormity of it all. Plus it all just feels more real when you can relive the movie experience.

To sum up – my impressions of Tokyo are: Big. And more western than I was expecting – apparently even more so in the last 5 years – Starbucks and surprisingly Seattle's Best Coffee are everywhere to be found. There is a lot to see – I don't think I covered much ground. I would go back and stay in the city the next time around, but I liked the rest of Japan better.

Tokyo on the Go - Shibuya 5-way Intersection








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