Ushuaia – City at the End of the World

Ushuaia from the water


Ushuaia was our first stop (Feb 7) after three full days at sea travelling down the long Argentine coast from Buenos Aires. It was a welcome relief after being largely inactive on the ship (we didn’t get back to the ping pong after the first day).

My mum and I headed out with Adecia from the US to do our own day tour, hiring a taxi to take us to Tierra del Fuego National Park. There we saw the snow-capped Andes in the distance, a few lakes, a beaver dam (imported beavers from home) and a Fuegian Fox. We met Phil from the UK who had travelled by motorbike down the highway from Alaska all the way to where the road ends in the park.

At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

Fuegian Fox

Fuegian Fox

Second stop was to the Martial Glacier right outside the town. The cable car up was a beautiful and not scary ride, and we got to touch some glacial snow! Not the actual glacier, but close to it.


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